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After conducting a thorough study, the construction of the 3,300 m2 Winery on a 3.5 hectare plot began in November 2006.
The Winery was completed in 2007 and currently includes a raw material reception area, as well as a vinification and bottling area, raw material and finished product storage areas, a laboratory and area for experimental small-scale vinification, a 900 m2 underground wine cellar/vault with wine barrel washing equipment, a multimedia and wine-tasting room, and an area displaying/selling the vineyard’s wines and other local products.
The section that is open to visitors includes a vinification and bottling area, as well as a wine-tasting area in the underground wine cellar next to the barrels and space where the vineyard’s wines are displayed and sold.
Future plans include the operation of the multimedia room, the wine-tasting room assisted by a professional kitchen and the outdoor event area next to the vineyard surrounding the winery.